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Madhubani Village Essence Handmade Madhubani Painting.

Madhubani Village Essence Handmade Madhubani Painting.

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Madhubani Village Essence: A painting capturing daily life. Women engaged in traditional activities showcase the cultural heritage, bringing the village's charm life through vibrant strokes.

Step into the heart of tradition with this Madhubani masterpiece depicting a vibrant village scene. Women engaged in daily activities, their colourful attire and intricate detailing capturing the essence of cultural heritage. The artistry skillfully weaves a tapestry of tradition, showcasing the simplicity and richness of village life. Handmade with care,The painting can be used to give gifts, to decorate temples, to decorate homes etc. The painting is totally handmade. Made on-cloth, material used-nib pen, acrylic colour of fevicryl company, pencil ,eraser, etc. dimension-(48.26*43.18) cm.

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