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Symphony of Pisces: A Madhubani Masterpiece

Symphony of Pisces: A Madhubani Masterpiece

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Traditional Madhubani painting, two gracefully aligned fish complement each other amidst a serene lotus background, framed by a semi-floral border, creating a harmonious aquatic beauty.

Commence on an artistic journey with this Madhubani masterpiece featuring two fish in perfect alignment. The tranquil lotus-filled backdrop and semi-floral border enhance aquatic harmony. Handcrafted on canvas, employing a nib pen, Fevicryl acrylic colours, pencil, and eraser, this mesmerising painting encapsulates Madhubani's rich artistry. Complementary fish symbolise balance, while vibrant colours and intricate details add depth. A visual delight, it seamlessly combines tradition and creativity, inviting viewers into a world of cultural elegance and natural beauty. Dimensions: (40.64) cm x (30.48) cm.


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