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TraditionTales: The Kohbar- Madhubani Painting.

TraditionTales: The Kohbar- Madhubani Painting.

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Behold the Kohbar: Madhubani cultural treasure utilised marriage ceremonies for sacred rituals. This beautifully crafted painting reflects trich traditions and cultural essence of Madhubani art.


Meet the Kohbar, a special part of Madhubani culture used in weddings. It's a pretty painting showcasing the area's traditions. Created with care, it's all about the rich culture of Madhubani art. The Kohbar isn't just a painting; it's part of sacred rituals in marriages. Each stroke tells a story of tradition and beauty. Dive into Madhubani's world through this artwork, where tradition and art come together to make weddings special and beautiful. Dimension-(71.12) cm*(55.88) cm. Made on-thick chart paper.Material used-nib pen acrylic colour of fevicryl company, brush, pencil, eraser etc.

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