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Blooms of Tradition: Handmade Madhubani Canvas Painting.

Blooms of Tradition: Handmade Madhubani Canvas Painting.

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Madhubani painting depicts Gautam Buddha, serene beneath tree in a Madhubani painting, radiates calm Lotus borders encircling him, creating an eye-soothing masterpiece capturing spiritual grace.

In this lovely handmade painting, Buddha peacefully rests under a tree, exuding calm vibes. Created on canvas using a nib pen, Fevicryl acrylic colours, brushes, pencils, and erasers, the artist skillfully brought this 35.56 cm by 50.8 cm masterpiece to life. The warm colours and lotus border add a soothing touch, making it a visual escape into tranquillity—a testament to both artistic skill and the beauty of simplicity.

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