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Divine Harmony: Radha Krishna Flute Madhubani Painting

Divine Harmony: Radha Krishna Flute Madhubani Painting

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Mithila Kala Kendra's Madhubani painting captures Radha and Krishna's love, Radha reaches for Krishna's flute out of love, a vibrant portrayal blending tradition and emotion.

A journey through Mithila Kala Kendra's enchanting Madhubani painting, portraying the timeless love of Radha and Krishna. In this vibrant masterpiece, Radha's playful attempt to grasp Krishna's flute symbolises their enduring bond. The rich hues and intricate details not only narrate a love story but also eloquently showcase the cultural beauty of Mithila. Each stroke is a testament to tradition, weaving together emotions and artistry in a harmonious celebration of love and culture.

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